Python Contract Developer rates – The Appeal

Inspired by Simon Wolf’s “Cocoa Contract Developer Rates – The Appeal“, I am putting out a similar appeal for python software developers. If you are a python user, I would appreciate it if you could help me spread the word. Thanks a lot in advance!

My colleagues and I have taken a progressive approach towards increasing our rates year-by-year as our team’s reputation and complexity of projects we handle increase.  So we would like to find out more about how the python developers in the community at large manage their hourly rates and their general approach towards executing and charging for developing projects.

Obligatory kick-ass Python Ninja cartoon by talented artist plaidklaus @ DeviantArt  :-D


All results collected will be published (except for contact information should you volunteer to provide them) for the community’s benefit.

In case you can’t key in your response directly here,  head over to the Google Docs page.

A book about people

Just discovered this little gem via Nai talking about Jeff Atwood’s latest post on his blog.

Interesting enough for me to take out my credit card! :-)

Purchased; and looking forward to reading it when it finally arrives.