iOS dev launcher: Session #1 SaveThePrincess

save the princess

Participated in Subhb’s iOS dev launcher workshop today and it was really fun to chill out and mess with code with a whole bunch of like-minded people.

Stuff for my Objective C Muscle Memory

Besides the social aspect of these coding workshops, it was also a great opportunity for me to get a refresher on Objective C since I last worked on it 6 months ago.  Here’s the gist of what session #1 covered, introduced in a cute and friendly way using a “Princess” class:-

  • Anatomy of an Objective C class
  • Creating our own custom class
  • Memory allocation when instantiating a class
  • Messaging Syntax (essentially methods in an Objective C class, whether it is a class method or an instance method)
  • Writing @property in a class in the header file (.h) and making them available in the implementation (.m) file with @synthesize
  • And @property of course is represented by this – @property (<attributes>) <type> <name>;
  • The differences between readonly, assign, copy and retain attributes in the @property declaration

Practice assignment for session #1

  • replicate “SaveThePrincess” Exercise
  • Add a “School” property to the princess class
  • Create a new initializer method to create a princess instance with name, age and school
  • Change sing method and print “Myra loves singing, she is 5 years old and she goes to Bugis Primary School”
  • Change description method to print school name for debugging

And so, giving the name, age and school to my princess object, my princess Kait-lyn is 6 years old and goes to school at Phyllis Riccia.

What about your princess? :-)

Source code right here –