cocos2d templates for Xcode 4

cocos2d custom template in Xcode4If you – like me – enjoy using bleeding edge software and have just installed Xcode 4, you will realize that all your cocos2d custom templates are now gone.  Looks like Xcode 4 has introduced a completely different convention for creating custom templates in Mac OS and all the custom templates for Xcode 3 are now gone. Ouch!

Fortunately for us, cocos2d developers are absolute superstars.  They have already provided us with new instructions to deploy our cocos2d custom templates in Xcode 4 here –

My preferred choice is Option B.  So here’s how it works:-

Step 1: Grab the latest source from cocos2d trunk

If you do not have cocos2d-iphone downloaded on your machine yet, git clone it from github:

git clone

or if you already have cocos2d-iphone downloaded previously, cd into that directory and do:

git pull

Step 2: Checkout the developer branch

cd cocos2d-iphone
git checkout developer

Step 3: Install the templates again

./ -f -u

And now when we try to create a new Xcode project, the option to choose a cocos2d custom template will now be available.